Bullerjan type stove – a stove that is ideally suitable for home heating in the cold winter evenings and for keeping cosines and heat during the cold autumn season. The main advantage of such an oven is its efficiency coefficient, which accounts for the significant 80%, but the quality-to-price ratio is simply perfect.
Bullerjan type stove - an all-welded steel structure that is surrounded by pipes that suck all cold air at the very floor. The air heats up very fast, as a result of which 10 minutes after the stove is lighted, the air passing through the pipes, is heated to the temperature of 80-100°C, and, flowing out of the stove, it heats the entire room. It takes only 20-25 minutes for the Bullerjan type stove, to heat a small single-store house.

All the best properties of the Bullerjan-type stoves have long been appreciated by owners of country houses and cottages who visit them only on weekends. Despite the weather conditions, whether it could cold autumn winds or winter frost, this oven will warm your home during several minutes. Just imagine, the smallest stove structure provides 4.5 cubic meters of warm air per minute. For comparison, heating a house with a simple brick oven will take about one day to spread the heat around the house. In addition, brick ovens are very uneconomic in terms of the use of fuel materials.

The Bullerjan-type stoves are maximum energy-efficient ovens. All fuels are burned in two stages. In one chamber, the fuel is slowly burning, but in another – the gas is burned completely due to the secondary air supplied through the nozzles. As a result of this process, the effect of pure combustion (full combustion) is achieved, resulting in an efficiency ratio of 80%. Bullerjan stove does not require constant supervision, so you need to pay attention to the stove only two to three times a day.
Thanks to the excellent sealing capacity of the stove door and the low temperature of the stove surface, this unit is one of the most fire-safe in its class.

2 year warranty!

Type / Parameters
00 little  01 small 02 average 03 big  04 giant 05 giant+
Height, mm 700 845 845 895 960 960
Width, mm 480 560 590 640 725 725
Depth, mm 685 810 970 1120 1290 1440
Weight, kg 57 110 132 169 212 245
Volume of fuel space, m3
100 200 400 700 1000 1600
Maximum power, kW 8 15 20 27 35 45
Furnace volume, l
40 50 100 150 200 240
Chimney diameter, mm
120 120 150 150 180 180
Door diameter, mm
270 270 310 350 380 380
Wood length, mm 330 400 500 700 760 800

  • Aug 31, 2016
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